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“Do Rad Things”, an engaging program designed to grab the attention of students and harness creativity in a fast paced world of opportunity. Using skateboards as a cultural tool and canvas, Mark Rivard’s unique path into his own career success’ highlight the advantages of dreaming big. Making daydreams your day job.


With the new era of social media’s, constant information, and an endless fight for the attention of our youth it is becoming harder and harder to get kids to engage their full attention.  “In 2003 I was a lost young man, I wasn’t fit for college, and I had no idea what I wanted out of my future.  It took a negative circumstance for me to find my “PASSION”.  With that discovery I also found my drive.  I was lucky, but more than that luck, I was motivated.”  Finding your passions and learning to harness them is no easy task and it’s even trickier to teach.  My programs and projects offer an insight into how we can use our environments, circumstances, and tools within reach to set the groundwork for realizing our dreams and working to accomplish them.  How do we take all those daydreams we had in class and turn them into real life circumstances?  I bring an encouraging and inspirational message that helps people realize that they have the power within themselves to do great things. My goal is to help people not only recognize what they are passionate about, but also help them realize that those passions can become realities, careers, ways of expression, and ultimately inspire them to follow “The Dream”.  My message is not a college sales pitch or even a stay in school lecture.  My message is about finding quality of life. I aim to inspire kids to dream big, and encourage a strong work ethic and an independent frame of mind.  There are an infinite number of paths to success; I hope to help shed some insight on how to decide which path is best suited for every individual.


I have been fortunate throughout my career to have reached a large number of students around the world.  What started as a casual stop at a high school Deizne, Belgium to discuss American Pop Culture, to visits with an all boys Muslim school in Al Khore, Qatar, to drawing sessions with 3rd graders in Colorado elementary schools, has become a legitimate and proven source for a new kind of artist residency…

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