Project History (Chronological):


1.  Dienze High School, May 2008.  Dienze, Belgium.

Project: 9th-12th Grade, Speech/Q&A.

Summary:  I was asked to speak at a local high school following the opening of my show in Belgium.  I gave a Q&A talk to the students in regards to differences between American and European youth culture.  This was the first time I had been invited into a school as a speaker.



2.  Summit Cove Elementary.  Summit County, Colorado/ Fall 2008

Project:  1 day, 3rd grade presentation.

Summary:  I was invited to hang out with the elementary art students and show some of my own art.   As a local artist this was a generic classroom visit.


3.  Breckenridge Elementary School.  Breckenridge, Colorado/ Winter 2009

Project:  1 day, 3rd grade presentation.

Summary:  Following the visit to Summit Cove Elementary I was invited to talk with the students of neighboring Breckenridge Elementary. 


4.  Al Kohr, Qatar.  May 2009

Summary:  While visiting the Middle East I was invited to speak to an all boys’ Muslim school in the small city Al Kohr, north of Doha in Qatar.  Art is not commonly emphasized to males in traditional Middle Eastern nations.  I had the very unique opportunity to teach the art classes in the school for a day and was a guest of honor during a school assembly. 


5.  Penco Art Supplies.  Minneapolis, Minnesota November 2011.

Project:  Skateboard art group demonstration.  All ages.

Summary:  I was invited to do an in-store skateboard art demonstration with Penco Art Supplies Store in Minneapolis.  This was a registration-based program for all ages.


6.  Liberty Ridge Elementary.  Woodbury, Minnesota, December 2011.

Summary:  This was the first residency based program I completed.  I spent one week working with the 3rd-5th graders creating skyline skateboards.  It emphasized collaboration and basic drawing techniques.  This platform would be repeated through the Woodbury School District elementary schools:

  -Royal Oaks Elementary, 2012

  -Bailey Elementary, 2012

  -Hillside Elementary, 2012

  -Pine Hill Elementary, 2013


7.  Royal Oaks Elementary.  Woodbury, Minnesota 2012.

Project:  After school arts course.  40 Students.

Summary:  At Royal Oaks we offered an after school program following my residency.  40 students registered to do a 3-day skateboard art illustration course.  This was also my first Community Education style program.


8.  Royal Oaks Elementary.  Woodbury, Minnesota 2012.

Project:  1st and 2nd Grade speeches.

Summary:  During my work with Royal Oaks I gave talks/presentations to the 1st and 2nd graders. 


9.  Bailey Elementary.  Woodbury Minnesota, 2012

Project:  Art Club & School Art Show

Summary:  With Bailey I also did a talk during their school art show with students and parents.  As well as a project with the school art club doing skateboard illustration.


10.  FAIR High School, 2012.  Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Project:  Rivard Art Education x FAIR x Familia Skateshop, 25 students, 9th-12th Grade.

Summary:  I took over teaching the drawing I, II, & III classes for the FAIR High School and created a skateboard art curriculum that culminated in a public art exhibition at the gallery at Familia Skateshop.  I taught for two months and the students were not only involved in the art making process but also responsible for professional partnerships with the gallery and the marketing of the show.


11.  The Virginia Project, 2012-2013.  Brunswick High School, Virginia.

Project:  Charitable project with 100 students of Brunswick County Virginia.

Summary:  The Virginia Project was conceived as way to provide my programming to underfunded and low-income students.  Between myself and the students of Brunswick High we raised over $8,000 to bring 100 skateboards to the school and spent a week creating art and producing an art show in the town square.  This project was a major undertaking and received immense public support and acclaim.


12.  Jackson Middle School, 2013.  Brooklyn Park, Minnesota.

Project:  6th-8th Graders. 

Summary:  Jackson was right on the heels of the Virginia Project and I was invited to speak to the school during an assembly.  I spoke to over 700 students and followed the speech with a residency in the art department.  This was where I partnered with Ann Lindsay to develop a curriculum based on STEM style school system (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math).  I taught for a week using STEM as criteria to create skyline illustrations on skateboards.  I also completed a Community Ed. course with Jackson later that semester.


13.  Oakview Middle School, 2013.  Andover, Minnesota.

Project:  Community Ed. Classes, 6th – 8th Graders.

Summary:  I did two Community Ed. Courses with Oakview.  Once in the spring semester of 2013 and again in the fall at the start of the next school year.  These are registration-based programs with emphasis on creative expression and skateboard art.


14.  Ely Art Club/ Ely High School, 2013.  Ely, Minnesota.

Project:  9th-12th-grade skateboard art seminar.

Summary:  Ely is a very small town on the Canadian boarder in northern Minnesota.  They have no art classes offered through the school itself.  Shaun Chosa is a resident of Ely and started to Ely Art Club as a way to give the students some art programming through after school art clubs.  I was invited to work with the club and do a skateboard art seminar at the high school.


15.  St. Agatha School, April 2013.  Columbus, Ohio.

Project:  Guest Artist for Day-Of-The-Arts at St. Agatha. 3rd-12th grades.

Summary:  I went to St. Agatha to speak the school for their all arts day, and completed 1day seminar with 100+ students designing skateboards. 


16.  Wisconsin Rapids Tour, May 2013.  Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin.

Project:  Three-stop tour of the High School, Middle School, and community wide program.  All ages.

Summary:  This one-day tour started out in morning with a speech to the local high school, about 500 students during an assembly.  The afternoon was spent at the Middle school guest teaching skateboard art in the art rooms.  The day was capped with a public speech at the local community center and public registration based skateboard art program.


17.  Jordan High School District Arts Competition, April 2013.  Jordan, Minnesota.

Project:  Guest Judge, and Key Note Speaker.

Summary:  I gave the Key Note speech to the MN State High School Visual Arts League.  I spent the day also guest judging the high school arts competition, and doing a Q&A with the participating students.


18.  Maple Wood Middle School, 2013.  Maple Wood, Minnesota.

Project:  Guest residency art teacher.  6th-8th Grade.

Summary:  A one-week residency of the schools art classes incorporating a skateboard art curriculum.


19.  Neighborhoods Organizing for Change (NOC), Summer 2014.  Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

Project:  Community building skateboard art seminar. 5th-12th Grades.

Summary:  I worked with NOC on a small community workshop in the low income North Minneapolis neighborhood.  An outreach seminar for the kids of the neighbor who designed skateboards.


20.  Jenny Lind Elementary, 2013 & 2014.  Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Project:  Elementary students, 3rd and 4th grade, skateboard design class.

Summary:  This was a volunteered project where I visited the students of Jenny Lind on Minneapolis’ low income North Side.  I donated all of the supplies and went both in 2013 and 2014 to teach.


21.  Hill Murray High School, March 2014.  St. Paul, Minnesota.

Project: Resident Art Teacher, 9th-12th Grades.

Summary:  This was a residency for the drawing course at Hill Murray.  I created a skateboard art curriculum that finalized the project with all of the students giving artist statements about their work.


22.  Snail Lake Educational Center, 2013 & 2014.  Shoreview, Minnesota.

Project: 9th-12th grade Level 4 Detention Center High School.

Summary:  Snail Lake is a Level 4, lock down high school.  Its student body is made up of high school students on the last stop before going to full time detention centers.  I gave two speeches, two years straight at the center and spent two days talking with students and floating through classrooms as a guest artist.


23.  Bradenton Preparatory Academy/GEMS Education, January 2014.  Dubai, United Arab Emirates. 

Project: 3rd-12th Grade.  Multiple projects over the course of one month with Bradenton in Dubai.

Summary:  Dubai was an incredibly ambitious project.  I gave a speech to the entire school upon arriving in Dubai, then spent three weeks working as an artist in residence.  We did STEM style skyline skateboard project as well as an after school after school workshop. 


24.  Vail Mountain High School, April 2014.  Vail. Colorado.

Project:  Key Note Speaker and Guest for Day Of The Arts.

Summary:  I was invited to speak to the students at Vail High for their Day of the Arts.  I gave a speech in the morning, and then did a skateboard art seminar with over 150+ students.


25.  Washington County Libraries Summer Tour, 2014.  Minnesota.

Project:  Toured 4 Washington County Libraries for teen programming sponsored by MELSA.

Summary:  For each of the four libraries we did two hour skateboard art seminars with the goal of providing teen programming in libraries.

 -Stafford Library, Woodbury, MN

 -Oakdale Library, Oakdale, MN

 -Park Grove Library, Cottage Grove, MN

 -Hardwood Creek Library, Forrest Lake, MN


26.  Hennepin County Library Tours, 2014 & 2015.  Minnesota.

Project: Toured 8 Hennepin County Libraries for teen programming sponsored by MELSA.

Summary: For each of the four libraries we did two hour skateboard art seminars with the goal of providing teen programming in libraries.


27.  FAIR High School, Spring Semester 2015.  Minneapolis, MN.

Project:  “FAIR Game”, student skateboard art exhibition in partnership with Cal Surf Skateshop and Gallery.  9th-12th grade, 30 students.

Summary:  FAIR Game was a 13 week FAIR + program that students created 2 skateboards each and were responsible for all business partnerships and marketing of their exhibition “FAIR GAME” at Cal Surf, a local skateshop and gallery.


28.  FAIR High School, Fall Semester 2015.  Minneapolis, MN.

Project:  “HIGHER TOLERANCE”, student skateboard art exhibition in partnership with Rivard Art Gallery.  9th-12th grade, 36 students.

Summary:  Higher Tolerance was a 12 week FAIR + program that students created 2 skateboards each and were responsible for all business partnerships and marketing of their exhibition “Higher Tolerance” where I also hosted the opening night at my own gallery.


29.  Anoka Middle School for the Arts, January 2016.  Anoka, Minnesota.

Project:  6th-8th Grade, Community Ed Program.

Summary:  This program was a registration based Community Ed skateboard art project. 


30.  FAIR High School x Loft Creative Writing Center, Spring 2016.  Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Project:  A FAIR + offering for high school students in partnership with Loft Creative Writing Center in Minneapolis.

Summary:  Partnering with LOFT, we offered a creative writing/skateboard art visual exhibition.  Students created a piece of original writing that was accompanied by a visual interpretation of the writing on a skateboard.


31.  FAIR Elementary, Spring Semester 2016.  Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Project: 3rd Grade FAIR + Program.  12 Students.

Summary:  Also working with the FAIR school, this program was a 13-week course with 3rd graders that results in a complete drawing book of skateboard designs, and 1 actual skateboard piece.


32.  Altus Air Force Base, May 2016.  Altus Air Force Base, Oklahoma.

Project:  3 day seminar working “Deployed Affected” military families on base.

Summary:  This was a fascinating experience being on base at Altus and created skateboards with families who have been affected by active duty deployment.  Two days of drawing seminars and an on base showcase of the art.